Methods of Skin Cleansing

Methods of Skin Cleansing

The basis of skin perfection is cleansing.  With the selection of products and equipment available, it is possible to deep cleanse the skin extremely thoroughly without over stimulation, or disturbing the acid mantle.  The usual skin care routines used in many skin treatment centers do not attach enough importance to the cleansing of the skin, often encouraging the overuse of nourishing products, rather than the freeing from the surface of adhesions and waste products.  Use of the correct movements during the manual cleansing routine adds greatly to the effectiveness of this section of the treatment, and avoids over stimulation of the skin.

Electrical methods of skin cleansing are popular, and if well applied provide a fast, professional method of skin cleansing.  They do lack the personal touch of a manual method, but should be considered when an electrically biased skin treatment is to be given and designed to accomplish a result, rather than relax the client.

The Methods of Work:

Method #1: Remove lipstick and eye make-up

Method #2: Apply the cleansing product to all areas of the face and throat with flowing, effleurage movements, performed with even pressure, and in a rhythmical fashion

Method #3: The cleansing routine is continued with careful roll patting strokes, attention being given to thoroughly remove all traces of cosmetics.   The scent of the forehead, the nose and the chin all require more repetition of the cleansing strokes, due to frequent blockages that occur in these areas.  This is due to the more numerous sebaceous glands being present.

Method #4: A successful cleansing routine must release all the tinted preparations from the surface of the skin, remove dead cellular matter, and should gently stimulate the lymph network of the skin, resulting in improved tissue cleansing internally.