Skin Diseases and Disorders

Skin problems and diseasesSkin Diseases and Disorders

Herpes Simplex: caused by a rival infection, therefore it is highly contagious. It is characterized by erythema, pustules and vesicles (watery blisters) often grouped in a cluster around the mouth (herpes labialis). It is a recurring disease, and the skin treatment should be postponed until the condition recesses and two weeks after the lesions have disappeared. Can be spread to the fingers (herpes whitlow), eyes (corneal herpes) or genitals.

Impetigo Contagiosa: this is a spreading staphylococcal or streptococcal infection of the skin presenting a thin blister or oozing erosion which grows over several days into a honey colored crust. It is common in children and often spreads from the nostrils, which form a reservoir of bacteria for infection. Scratching and other members of the family are frequently affected. The condition is common during the summer months. In tropical countries sessions may be widespread and severe epidemics occur. It clears rapidly with antibiotic ointment.

Infected Acne: features are seborrhea (giving skin an oily appearance), comedones (blackheads), papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. There are different grades of acne (degrees of severity). A mild acne condition with comedones and one or two papules or pustules can be treated in the skin treatment center. However a more severe acne vulgaris or cystic acne with many comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts may need medical treatment prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist. The Skin Therapist can still treat the inflammation and remove comedones and provide homecare advice.

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The skin has seven functions in the body

Skin functionsThe skin not only gives us our appearance and shape, it also serves other important functions in the body:

Protection: Through the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue the skin protects the body against blows and falls. The Stratum Corneum acts as a barrier against bacterial invasion. The Stratum Germinativum produces melanin pigment as a natural protection from ultraviolet light.

Regulation: controls our body temperature so that it maintains our internal heat regardless of environmental climate. It does this through the excretion of sweat from the sudoriferous glands, and the dilation of the blood vessels in the dermis.

Sensation: Because the skin contains so many tactile nerve endings, the brain can be made aware of the stimuli of pain, heat, and cold in any part of the body.

Absorption: The skin is able to absorb some oil or fat-based substances on a topical level, but deeper penetration is confined to either medication or application of a water-based substance by means of galvanic current. Penetration of cosmetic preparations is restricted to the epidermal layer only.

Excretion: the eccrine and apocrine glands excrete perspiration and sweat for temperature regulation.
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Methods of Skin Cleansing

Methods of Skin Cleansing

The basis of skin perfection is cleansing.  With the selection of products and equipment available, it is possible to deep cleanse the skin extremely thoroughly without over stimulation, or disturbing the acid mantle.  The usual skin care routines used in many skin treatment centers do not attach enough importance to the cleansing of the skin, often encouraging the overuse of nourishing products, rather than the freeing from the surface of adhesions and waste products.  Use of the correct movements during the manual cleansing routine adds greatly to the effectiveness of this section of the treatment, and avoids over stimulation of the skin.

Electrical methods of skin cleansing are popular, and if well applied provide a fast, professional method of skin cleansing.  They do lack the personal touch of a manual method, but should be considered when an electrically biased skin treatment is to be given and designed to accomplish a result, rather than relax the client.

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