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Take the Stress Test

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

The Stress Test

The stress test is designed to help you to understand your stress level and so you can find a stress therapy that’s customized to your needs.

Answer the following questions by rating how you typically react in the situations listed below:

4 = Always,  3 = Frequently, 2 = Sometimes, 1 = Never

  1. Do you try to do as much as possible in the least amount of time?
  2. Do you become impatient with delays or interruptions?
  3. Do you always have to win at games to enjoy yourself?
  4. Do you find yourself speeding up the car to beat the red light?
  5. Are you likely to ask for help with a problem?
  6. Do you constantly seek the respect and admiration of other?
  7. Are you overly critical of the way others do their work?
  8. Do you have the habit of looking at your watch or clock often?
  9. Do you constantly strive to better your position and achievements?
  10. Do you spread yourself too thin in terms of your life?
  11. Do you have the habit of doing more than one thing at one time?
  12. Do you frequently get irritable or angry?
  13. Do you have little time for hobbies or time by yourself?
  14. Do you have a tendency to talk quickly or hasten conversation?
  15. Do you consider yourself driven?
  16. Do your friends or relatives consider you driven?
  17. Do you have a tendency to get involved in multiple projects?
  18. Do you have a lot of deadlines in your work?
  19. Do you feel vaguely guilty if you relax and do nothing during leisure?
  20. Do you take on to many responsibilities?

Total Score =      ———-

Answer Key

20 – 30 Chances are you are non-productive or your life lacks stimulation

31 – 50 This score designates a good balance in your ability to handle and control stress

51 – 60 Your stress levels are bordering on being excessively high

60 + You may be a candidate for heart disease

Customer Reviews

Sabrina B.

Sabrina B.

I have been going to Lien for years on and off, she is the best and so sweet and knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to deciding what lash to go with that will look nice specifically for you. They always look so beautiful and I always receive compliments from strangers for my lashes. I always recommend Love Skin Care with Lien

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Beatrice P.

Beatrice P.

it’s been 5 years since my last review for love skin care so i thought it time to update it. i have been going to Lien since like 2013 to get lashes done and every time since then the lashes turn out so good. Lien is super accommodating and it is SO easy to make an appointment through text. regarding covid-19, Lien is very clean and the bed thing you
lay down on has fresh paper on top, the same kind they use at the doctors office when you sit on the chair. Masks are required and she washes her hands thoroughly before starting. i will say that sometimes there is a little wait from the beginning of your appointment time but it’s not an issue for me, but plan accordingly. (more…)

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Jennie M.

Jennie M.

LOVELOVELOVEEE. This was my first time getting eyelash extensions and I was taken care of by Amanda. I called to see if they were able to do a walk in and fortunately, they were. The location was a bit confusing to me at first considering I didn’t see any sign. BUT, as soon as I found it and went inside, the lobby was very clean and professional. Amanda greeted me and was very nice and sweet. She was also very accommodating with how I wanted my lashes and when she finished, it was RIGHT ON. During the process, she was so light handed that I didn’t feel a thing and was able to even fall asleep TWICE. Not only that, Amanda was also very informative with how to take care of my lash extensions. I’m definitely coming back and would recommend this place to anyone who’s interested in getting eyelash extensions. I love my eyelashes!

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Amy L.

Amy L.

Love this place of course!!! Been coming to Lien for 10 years now. I never last past a month without my lashes. Simply the best and natural looking. Lien is the sweetest lady ever and would recommend her business to anyone!

Text or call ahead of time to schedule your first appointment. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

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Cystal W.

Cystal W.

I’ve been going to Lien for years. I’ve tried other lash places but was never fully satisfied with the end result or the customer service. Lien provides outstanding customer service and is honest about which lash extensions she recommends for you. She will even recommend not continuing with lashes if she feels they are harming the ones you have. She provides high quality lashes, glue, and technique. Her hands are so light that I have fallen asleep many times. Many people have complimented on how nice my lashes are, and I always tell them they are not real and are extensions. I have recommended many friends and family and all have had good experiences. And to add to that her prices are reasonable. Try them out… You won’t be disappointed!

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