The Action of Moisturizers

Moisturizers are applied at the end of the skin treatment to protect the skin against pollution, sunlight and grime. They also help seal in the moisture of the skin, and help prevent dryness and dehydration caused by evaporation.

Dehydration of the skin is one of the most common skin problems.
Moisture is lost from the skin through evaporation from the deeper layers of the epidermis.
When the surface is moisturized, the formula helps the skin cells bind together, and form a more even protective barrier against this moisture loss. The skin’s moisture cannot pass through this barrier easily, and the skin appears smoother and more moist and supple. If the skin is naturally oilier, then the natural sebum will also act to prevent some moisture loss. It follows that the oilier the skin is, naturally, the lighter moisturizing protection it needs. We therefore, recommend light oil-free and oil controlling lotions for the oilier skins, and slightly richer and oilier creams to the more naturally dry skins.
Moisturizers have become more sophisticated over the years and there are now many types, such as oil-free, oil0based, oil controlling, exfoliating, anhydrous, occlusive and humectants. Always make sure that the moisturizer is applied to a damp skin, so boner and concentrate should be sprayed first before the moisturizer. This gives a much better re-hydrations effect.

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