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Sparkle represents joy, beauty, vigor, and a new adventure for life. Sparkle aspires to be a platform for you to open your horizons, explore new things, inspire to be healthier, attain financial independence and achieve your ideal lifestyle. Unveil a brighter person on the inside and out, and help shine that brightness onto others. Treat yourself to some sparkle…Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!

To unify both women and men of all ages and different backgrounds to unleash their life’s potential which will make an inconceivable impact on people across the world… one spark at a time!

Come join us at Love Skin Care on Saturday Nov. 20th, 2018 for an introduction to Club Sparkle.
Date: Saturday Nov. 20th, 2018
Start: 12PM-5PM
Address: Stockton, CA
Phone: 562-216-3688

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Sparkle’s product philosophy is to provide unique formulations that are Naturally Effective, Multi-Function, Simple, Convenient, Trendy, Affordable, Natural, and Delicious… so you and your family look forward to using them for a lifetime!

Sparkle Formulas are “Made in the USA” by well respected FDA & GMP Certified Manufacturing Facilities with many decades of experience. Each manufacturer has its own research and laboratory facilities, and adhere to the strictest level of quality assurance procedures. Our products also comply with the Ministry of Health in Japan, which holds the most strictest import standards in the world.

We’re certain you and your loved ones will discover a whole new experience of quality and results that will help you “Look Great, Feel Great and Be Great”… just like our large community of satisfied customers in Japan, and around the world!

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